Whānau Feedback

Here’s what some of our families are saying about their experience with Woolston Preschool.

“There are 4 preschool/childcare centres in close proximity to my house. We chose Woolston because it is a community/whanau based preschool. It has a warm and supportive environment. The teachers are friendly and engaging. Our daughter is learning through play and making new friends. She loves the big awesome outdoor area.” – Huriana


“When my child started going to Woolston Preschool she could not speak more than 5 English words and had really bad separation anxiety. Fast forward 18 months, she is a bubbly independent little bilingual chatterbox. The staff (from management all the way to teacher assistants) has been beyond awesome and accommodating and attentive to her needs as she developed her personality. She is a kind and caring queen with so much self worth because of the love she is showered in everyday.” – Neeltjie

“I leave knowing my girls are in good hands” – Jasmine

“My son has thrived at Woolston Community Preschool. After returning from overseas I was worried he would be unsettled, but the teachers and kids have made him feel at home. It’s truly like a big family, the staff really care and are interested in the children and their families. We are so glad we found Woolston Community Preschool” – Emma

“Amazing preschool with even more amazing teachers a preschool that actually cares first about your child. Your kindness and caring have been passed on through my children. No hesitation in recommending.” – Karen

“Great preschool. Both kids very happy” – MW

“After talking to parents around the area we decided that Woolston Preschool was the best place for our daughter to flourish, and we have not been disappointed. Woolston preschool has exceeded our expectations. The staff are friendly and inviting and have been particularly fantastic with our daughter who struggles with separation anxiety. The staff are accommodating and have looked at all possible ways to help her transition, she is now a different girl, happy at preschool and has built amazing relationships with the teachers and her little friends. Woolston Preschool is a great place where children are taught to respect each other, follow, lead and explore, all in their safe environment. We are truly grateful for the teaching and guidance at Woolston Preschool.” – Penny and Robbie